The SA Skips Business Opportunity

Is unique for its low investment, simplicity, demand for the services offered and an outstanding return on investment.
Low investment.
Rewards – Return on investment can be as quick as twelve months.
Low overheads – Work from home.
Ease of Operation – One man operation.
Safety – Designed to highest safety standards.
Quality Equipment – Manufactured to highest quality standards.
Flexibility – Part time or full time.
Experience – No experience necessary as full training is provided.
Full training and on-going support.

Why SA Skips?

The ever increasing demand for rubbish and rubble removal, both within the private and business sector has and continues to grow exponentially. Through SA Skips, the Licensee will capitalise on this opportunity to provide the end user an affordable, convenient and practical alternative to rubbish and rubble removal. Typically people do not have the time, the desire or the equipment to cart rubbish and rubble off to drop-off and landfill sites. It is definitely more convenient and in most cases more cost effective to use SA Skips.


SA Skips is The Answer

SA Skips is a company focused on providing its Licensees with all the tools necessary to be a success in the fast growing sector of rubbish and rubble removal which has enormous growth potential. We have addressed the void in the market to be a strong brand leader, giving instant recognition and providing our Licensees with the necessary training and quality equipment to build and run a successful business.

Corporate branding

Full training

On-going support

Quality equipment


Is SA Skips Right For You ?

Are you:

Passionate about owning your own business

Prepared to apply your full-time best efforts to build a sustainable business

Able to build sustainable business relationships

Able to communicate at all levels

Self-motivated and ambitious

Independent and disciplined

Sales driven

Financially strong enough

The owner of at least a one ton vehicle with a tow bar

This market is largely untapped, providing a huge opportunity to develop a sustainable business in a fast growing sector that has enormous growth potential.



Like all business ventures, your output will be in direct proportion to your input. If  you  are  prepared  to  apply  yourself  to the SA Skips business opportunity and have a “CAN DO” attitude, you will be in a position to earn revenues  in excess of R 30 000 per month, owning your time and your future, from a home based office.



Every brand strives to differentiate itself from its competitors and in the event of the question “Why should I become a SA Skips Licensee?” the answer will be the following:

We provide you with comprehensive training to build and run a successful business.

We provide you with on-going support.

The trailer and skips are the safest and of the highest quality.

Your business is part of a corporate brand.



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