What is the difference between a mini skip and other types of skips?

You have probably seen a garbage dump in and around your neighborhood. They may not be the prettiest things to look at, but they are dumpsters, also known as skip bins. You will see that they are littered with junk and unwanted materials that may have accumulated in a residential or commercial building. After a fixed date, the local garbage authority collects the contents of the container.

How is the skip bins different from other dustbins or containers? 

What are mini skips?

A mini skip is a container for collecting and disposing of garbage. Typically, smaller than standard trash cans, mini skis are popular with customers who want to get rid of their collected trash from around the home. Household waste,  garden waste disposal and do-it yourself waste disposal; The mini trash cans take care of everything.

Today, mini-bins are used to classify the amounts of waste collected in a residential or commercial building. Help collect and separate trash for recycling and prevent green waste from being contaminated. Because they are smaller than other trash cans, a mini skip bin is used to reduce the need for waste disposal. The mini skips are also used in commercial buildings or on construction sites to improve waste management. The disposal of broken asbestos, roof tiles, plasterboard, concrete, bricks and other construction waste is possible with mini bins.

A mini bin is also suitable when there is not much space to store a larger bin. It's small and gets the job done quickly! People love mini skip bins as they are small, clean, inexpensive and provide an eco-friendly way to dispose of trash. Difference between mini skip containers and other skips
Let's take a closer look at mini skips and other types of skip bins to understand their differences.

Mini skip bins

You already know that mini bins are like the little brothers of larger bins! Skip containers come in sizes from 2 cubic meters up to 32 cubic meters. Mini dumpsters are at the lower end of this range and can range in size from 2 to 6 cubic meters. They are generally available in two sizes: 2 meters and 3 meters. The 3 cubic meter containers can hold 35 to 50 black garbage bags, while the 2-meter containers can hold around 25 garbage bags.

One thing to watch out for is the size of the trash you plan to throw in the dumpster. Mini-containers are typically 1.5m square x 0.9m deep, so you will need to dispose of the waste prior to disposal. If you want to set up a log or a large tree, you must first cut it to the height and depth of the container.

Now let's see how much garbage a mini-container can hold. Depending on the size of the container, 1.9 to 3 tons of garbage and black garbage bags can be transported. Unlike other skip bins, these bins are open at the top and can be quickly filled with trash when needed. They are loaded directly into the local refuse collection trucks. The contents are not dumped into the truck. As soon as the truck arrives at a waste disposal site, everything is emptied from the bin.

Medium skip bins

These are slightly larger than mini skips and are available in 4 to 6 cubic meters. Their depth range is about 3 to 4 feet, and they can adequately collect a large amount of waste products. Medium skip bins have the capacity to carry twice the weight of 
a small container. 
Because of this, builders use these bins to dispose of concrete and industrial waste from their construction site. 
The medium-sized bins are stylish for post-renovation garbage collection, landscaping projects, and any business working on a small construction site. They are also used for household purposes, e.g., for storing garden waste, dirt, grime and DIY household waste. Depending on your needs, these can also be very profitable. In addition, they can contain around 6 tons of garbage.
Because these refuse collection containers are larger, their contents are often emptied into a refuse collection truck rather than loaded onto it.

Jumbo skips

These skip bins are the giants of trash disposal! Due to their size and structure, they are used for large commercial projects, corporate or apartment remodeling, offices and any relocation. They are available in different sizes like 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 cubic meters. Jumbo bins process various types of waste including wood, furniture, yard waste, lumber, e-waste and other office supplies. They are big, durable and can hold more than 10 tons of garbage inside. Even extensive house building works can use these big bins to collect their garbage.
Since jumbo skip bins are the largest among other garbage bins, the amount of waste they contain is dumped directly into garbage trucks. The materials are then taken to the waste pit and disposed of.

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