4 Types of Skip Bins to Consider for your Waste Removal

SA Skips is an affordable waste management disposal service that provides mini skip bin rentals for rubble & rubbish removal.

We pride ourselves on customer service and the needs of the customer to effectively manage your waste predicaments.

SA Skips provides a drop & collect service with mini skip bins that is compact & effective, can especially be dropped & removed in confined spaces and placed in areas where large trucks are often restricted due to their size and weight.

SA Skips uses 2m3 (2 cube) mini skip bins that has a capacity to hold up to 2.2 tons per skip load which is equivalent to three average bakkie loads depending on the waste material.

We provide mini skip bins to various sectors i.e. Residential & Domestic, Townhouse Complexes, Commercial, Industrial, Business Parks, Office Parks, Building and Construction sites, Estates, Golf Courses, Churches, Small-Medium Shopping Centres, Lodges & Guesthouses, Restaurant & Bars, Schools, Events, Markets & Party Venues just to name a view service sectors.

1. Marrel Skip Bins

Marrel skip bins are probably the most common of skip bin type. These skips have tall sides and they are generally more difficult to load as compared to other skip bin types. Typically, marrel skips range in size from 1.5m³ and go up to as big as 17m³.

2. Hook lift Skip Bins

Hook lift skip bins, also known as walk-in skip bins are another common type of skip bin. They are usually much longer in length than marrel skips and feature lower sides. Their most distinctive feature is a rear door which can be swung open. Hook lift skips offer walk-in access right into the skip, making the loading process incredibly easy.

3. Mobile Skip Bins

Mobile skip bins are a new type of skip bin and are smaller than both marrel skips and hook lift skips. They are also often referred to as a “mini skip bin”. They look similar to front lift bins which are seen in industrial settings. Mobile skip bins are transported with the help of small trailers and can be placed on roads without a permit. The typical size ranges from 3m³ to 6m³.

4. Skip Bags

Skip bags are quite different from other types of skip bin. Unlike skip bins, which you hire only once, skip bags are available for long-term hire: they are also a hessian bag and not a solid steel bin structure. When you order a skip bag, it will be delivered to you and waste will be removed on a periodic basis. The skip bag will remain at your location for as long as you want to.

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